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Advertise a job today, Spread the word about your job opening through 600+ job boards. helps you to find the best candidates at just £299

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We provide an industry leading 13 Weeks guarantee on all placements.

  • 30 day campaign

    Your job posting will be actively promoted in top job boards for 30 days.

  • 600+ Job Boards

    The job will be advertised & promoted on 600+ top job boards

  • Applicant Tracking

    Access to the applicant tracking dashboard for easy management.

  • Account Management

    A dedicated account manager will be assigned for each role

  • Job Advert review

    Your job advert will be reviewed by our expert team

  • Manual filtering of CVs

    Our expert recruitment team will manually review and filter the CVs

Advertise in multiple job boards at just £299 – Post A Job

Post a Job is a best platform for employers to shortlist candidates for various positions. Just create a job and publish each one on our portal at £299. As an employer, you find reaping benefits in finding the best fit across different critical job positions.

The amount spent on hiring each job position converts into producing a determining candidate. We further advertise a job by allowing the paid job position to be posted on various other job boards in the UK.

The process of this flat fee recruitment gives the feasibility of ending up a risk-free hiring process, and also the reach for the position grows up. Employers can never imagine a much better way upon the Post a Job platform.

We understand the hard work that each employer affords in hiring candidates. Also, we make it easy for you and millions of jobseekers by posting across other popular Job boards. So it’s a triple-win strategy for the three stakeholders involved- Employers, Post a Job portal, and Job seekers.

We strongly assure in helping smart businesses with fixed fee recruitment as they grow with smart people. A simple formula with best likes among employers is right employees hired at low cost in lesser time frames. This is what we believe and implement, too.

With the outstanding monthly campaign and spreading the job position on several job boards, it brings in eventual success. The dedicated account manager explores the relevant strategies to manage the expenditures on the hiring process. Any employer signing up with us has the flexibility of reaching us at any point in time.

What we are

A simple platform between employers and job seekers

Why us

Reliable and steadfast for employers in finding right candidates

How we do

Faster and feasible in connecting companies and people

Our Employers

01. Our Work Process

How Works?

An Innovative Approach To Recruiting

  • Post Job

    Send us your vacancy, we will then write an optimised advert for the UK’s top job boards to attract as many relevant candidates possible.

  • Advertise

    We will post your Job Advert to over 600 national and local Job boards including UK's leading Job Boards and various social media platforms.

  • Recruit

    We will filter your applications and shortlist the quality candidates. Interview your shortlist and fill your vacancy fast!

02. Top Categories

Trending Categories

Provide qualified recruitment especially across the glob

03. Featured Jobs and Recent Jobs

Hundreds of Jobs From All Over the Globe

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04. Pricing

Choose a Flat Fee Plan

Advertise Your Role On UK's Top Job Boards and over 600 more!


£299.00 Per Role
  • 1 x 30 Day Campaign
  • Job Advert review
  • Advertised on 600+ UK’s top job boards
  • Applicant Tracking Dashboard
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Professional short listing


£500.00 Per Two Roles
  • Two job postings
  • 30 Day Campaign
  • Job Advert review
  • Advertised on 600+ UK’s top job boards
  • Applicant Tracking Dashboard
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Professional short listing
05. Our Clients

What our clients say

Lets’s see what people say about our company

I'm very much impressed with the flat fee service provided by team. We did hire a perfect candidate, thanks to Postajob.

Louis Carlson

Human Resource

Pricing is very reasonable and we have received a great response to our adverts. Our account manager is excellent, very quick to respond and very friendly.

Henry Click


We’ve been using for a couple of roles and have had huge success. The candidates filtration is very professional and saved 80% of my time.

Nelson Tom

Construction Manager provides quality and professional flat fee recruitment service. I highly recommend, they are best in the business

Carlson Menton

  • 1896 Roles
  • 8957 Candidates
  • 1157 Employers
  • 885 Companies
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